Design Flip Corporate Brochure

The huge development of our economy has been making corporate image matter much more, which is the most precious immaterial assets an enterprise, attaching more and more importance to its development. A successful enterprise must build well its corporate image by all manner of means. Brochure is one of the effective ways to achieve this goal. Flip PDF Plus help you with an impressive corporate brochure.

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What’s Flip PDF Plus?

A sound enterprise image is of crucial importance to an enterprise. A flip brochure would have polishing effect. Traditional brochures are of little bit boring to people. If the enterprise wants to create a better image, it must try something novel like Flip PDF Plus.

By our Flip PDF Plus, you could get much more readership. Firstly, audio import is one of the useful functions. You could import some meaningful and joyful music or some warming blessings into your flip brochures. This help to attract more readers emotionally. Secondly, video import is one of the auxiliary functions. Products videos and events videos could be easily import into your flip brochures. With the help of such eye-pleasing brochures, readers’’ attention would be caught by your enterprise. Thirdly, different from the traditional e-brochures, flip brochures supply the actual turning page experience. To enterprises, this actual turning page effect is just like the icing on the cake.


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