Create Animated eBook with Video

It won’t guarantee you to succeed when you transform your tradition printing business into eBook publishing. You need to further edit your digital eBook to meet the diverse needs of your readers. Here eBook with video software is not only designed to meet the needs of the current readers but also forecast the needs of your potential readers.

  • Enables us to set the flipping speed and time
  • Allows us to set hardcover for the eBook .
  • Supports to add videos and audios

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Browse Creative eBook Examples:


You can create the page-turning eBook with the help of Flip PDF Plus on the one hand. On the other hand, you can set the most appropriate flipping speed and the duration time according to your own reading speed, which can offer you a pleasant and comfortable reading experience.

Secondly, you can turn the soft cover into hardcover, making your eBook look more professional and beautiful. Furthermore, you can change the cover border width, border color, outer cover border and so on.


Besides that, it enables you to add videos and audios to make your digital contents diverse including the movie clips, YouTube videos and Vimeo audios. After you add the video, you can choose the video type which will offer you different displaying effect, for example, the pop-up effect.

Create a high-quality eBook isn’t built in one day while it is totally possible for you who dare to explore eBook with video software.