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With the increasing number of smartphones, tablets and eReaders, why limit your audience? Create beautiful content that can works for everyone with free periodical software right now!

  • Design a wonderful periodical template for future publishing.
  • Customize beautiful layout for both print and digital periodical.
  • Save time and money in online and offline marketing.
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Browse Creative Digital Publications Examples:

Periodical or the periodical publication is published in a new edition on a regular schedule. The most familiar example is the magazine, typically published weekly, monthly or as a quarterly. Then with the coming of intelligent era, it is essential to find the effective way to publish the periodical online.

What about the free periodical software to create and publish the periodical online and offline? In common, the editors will organize all the materials in the PDF document for printing. Why not use the PDF to create interactive content for online marketing? The periodical software can convert the PDF to page flipping publications with attractive features.

As we know, the periodical has a new version after certain period. Considering this factor, you can design a unique template for your periodical and save it for future publishing. Also, as most of periodical software provides customization features, you can define the layout of digital period and add multimedia content to entertain readers. This may be the most obvious difference between digital periodical and printed periodical.

For the online marketing, everyone can share the digital periodical via social network and emails. Also, the digital periodical is mobile friendly so that your audiences go everywhere with all devices. Flip PDF is such free periodical software that prepares everything for you.
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