Publish Multimedia Magazines

Get rid of all the normal online PDF magazines. Have a try of Flip PDF Plus. Publishing an interactive multimedia magazines has never been easier!

  • Quick PDF to page flipping magazine conversion
  • Embed interactive multimedia from images and , to audio and video
  • Publish to FlipBuilder Cloud Sever for free
  • Integrated social networking platforms to share far and wide

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It is fairly easy to publish multimedia magazines in Flip PDF Plus. The multimedia magazines can have all the interactivity of digital publications, such as rich media, internal/external links and social sharing.

The powerful Page Editor gives you access to multiple media elements, including images, links , sound, online/local videos, slideshow etc. You are able to embed these rich media to the selected page. Furthermore, you have the ability to trigger advanced actions through the media. for You can jump to a page, open a link, play video/audio, show information and more. With the multimedia to enrich your content, your digital magazine will look and sound wonderful.


After you publish your multimedia magazine online, the online publication can reach your audience anywhere. While your audience can read the publication on whatever device they have, including desktops, laptops and mobile devices. If they favor your publication, they are able to share it across major social networking platforms or on their websites. In this case, your created multimedia magazine can get a lot of exposure and bring more traffic to your website.